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UnU Inc.

UnU Inc. is a Korean company specializing in civil & environmental consulting and engineering, automation system, computer software and IT solution development.

We started in the Korean market since 2009 and lately established technical research center in order to deal with various work scope such as national research and planning project, international consulting service, design of the environmental facility construction, environmental engineering software development.


UnU Inc. is comprehensive service provider for various field as planning, design and research in water and environment industry.


Planning & Design

  • Design and consulting service of water and wastewater treatment plant
  • Modelling, simulation and diagnosis for wastewater treatment plant
  • Hydraulic and water quality simulation of water distribution network
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis for water and wastewater facilities


Research & Development

  • Compact and low-power tele-monitoring technology using IoT
  • Energy and GHG saving technology for water and wastewater treatment plant
  • Optimization technology for water distribution network design and operation
  • Micro-algae cultivation using automation and IoT technology
  • Development of process optimization technology for wastewater treatment process

ICA Solutions

Instrument, Control & Automation

  • On-line Instrument for water and wastewater monitoring
  • Smart Data Logger and monitoring software based on IoT
  • Simulation and automation software for wastewater treatment plant (MassFlow™)
  • Simulation software for water distribution network (uWater™)
  • Development of ODM or DEM software


Simulation software for design and diagnosis of wastewater treatment plant

  • Simulation, design and diagnosis software for wastewater treatment plant using modified ASM No.1 model
  • Various biological and physico-chemical process such as IFAS, MBBR, BNR, BAF, coagulation and so on
  • Various analysis tool such as solids flux analysis, chemical composition of sludge, alkalinity consumption, oxygen demand, sludge production and so on
  • Steady state and Dynamic simulation
  • Influent data generation tool using statistical method

Hydraulic simulation software for water distribution network

  • Simulation software for water distribution network analysis using US EPANET engine
  • SCADA interface for on-line hydraulic simulation
  • Water demand analysis tool using artificial neural network
  • Water quality analysis using extended period simulation
  • Design and operation optimization using Harmony Search algorithm
  • PDA (pressure driven analysis) coming soon

Time series analysis software

  • Time series analysis software using artificial neural network
  • Prediction of water level of river, water demand, soil erosion, water quality of water and wastewater treatment process, rainfall

Smart Data Logger

  • Low power and compact device (Arduino based) using solar energy
  • Supports 4~20mA, digital input/output
  • Supports RF, WCDMA, LTE, RS232/422, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • Supports IoT communication coming soon
  • Adaptive Kalman Filter to manage fault data
  • Data logging and auto-backup/transfer
  • Management by smartphone

Land sliding and debris flow monitoring system base on IoT

  • Early warning system for landslide and debris flow using wireless network
  • Low-power smart data logging system using solar energy
  • Supports various sensors such as rain gauge, geophone, vibrometer, piezometer, wire sensor, TDR and CCTV camera
  • View sensing and alarm events from anytime and anywhere using smartphone and desktop PC browser
  • Data management algorithms to minimize communication costs
  • Data filtering algorithms to detect fault data

Aeration Energy Saving Solution for Activated Sludge Process

  • Energy saving and GHG reduction system for activated sludge process using software sensor and activated sludge model
  • Reduce electric power maximum 20%
  • Supports software sensor to detect influent organic loading and optical on-line DO meter
  • Easy to install and management for existing facilities
  • SCADA interfacing and management software for real-time control and reporting
  • Short payback ( from 2 to 4 years )


Logo of UnU Inc.

UnU Inc.


EMAIL unu.master@gmail.com / TEL +82-2-2028-2145 / FAX +82-2-6280-1373

1005, Samsung IT Valley, 27, Digital-ro 33-gil Guro-gu, Seoul